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Beta version of GuardianERM-Mobile launched

The future of the web is mobile.  That’s why InConsult launched GuardianERM-Mobile, a mobile version of GuardianERM.Net

What is GuardianERM-Mobile? 

GuardianERM-Mobile is a simplified version of GuardianERM.Net especially designed for use on mobile devices connected to the internet via WIFI or 4G/3G. 

GuardianERM-Mobile operates across various mobile operating systems including iOS, Android and Windows. Users can also use most of the popular web browsers including Chrome and Safari. 

GuardianERM-Mobile looks something like this:- 

GuardianERM Mobile 1

GuardianERM Mobile 2

GuardianERM Mobile 3

How does it work? 

From 1 March 2016, if you access GuardianERM-Mobile using a web browser on a mobile device, you will be automatically diverted to GuardianERM-Mobile. You still have the choice to use the full version of GuardianERM.Net on your mobile device by tapping the “Go to full application” link on the login screen.

This new mobile version will provide users greater flexibility when performing a number of important tasks on the run, on their mobile device, anytime, 24/7. GuardianERM-Mobile is connected to the production server using your live data so any changes made will be reflected in your GuardianERM.Net application. 

When users return to the office, they can simply log into GuardianERM.Net on their PC to access all of GuardianERM.Net’s features and complete their work.

It’s that simple.

If you have any queries, please contact us on 02 9241 1344.


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