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Business Continuity Management

You’ve identified and assessed the risk and implemented controls and treatments…but an unscheduled disruption or major event may still occur…what do you do?  This feature is perfect for crisis management, business continuity and disaster recovery.


  • Identify and evaluate plausible disruption scenarios.
  • Document both immediate response strategies (dealing with the crisis and communication protocols) and a continuity strategy (longer term) which feeds into the Business Continuity Management Plan.
  • Capture emergency contact details and assess whether the risk could affect long term business continuity and resilience of the organisation.
  • Attach important business continuity management documents including Business Continuity Plans (BCP), Business Impact Analysis, contact lists and maps.


  • Demonstrates to stakeholders that you have not only thought through what can go wrong, but what you will do to recover in a timely manner.
  • Align your business continuity framework to your risk management framework.
  • Attached copies of your BCP documents will be stored off-site and available through

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