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Compliance Management

All organisations must comply with numerous local (and sometimes global) regulatory requirements. Implementing compliance processes to meet these requirements across various departments and multiple locations is a major challenge for compliance managers. has an easy to use compliance function that allows users to manage a wide range of important compliance activities.


  • Establish your own regulatory compliance programs to demonstrate compliance with Trade Practices Act, APRA and PHIAC prudential standards, ASX listing rules, ASIC requirements, Anti-money Laundering Act, Privacy Act,Sarbanes-Oxley Act, FSA (UK) Rules & Standards and Basel..
  • Conduct compliance surveys.
  • Flexibility to support various compliance approaches.
  • Schedule email reminders at preferred intervals – daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually etc.
  • Confirm when a compliance task is completed.
  • Maintain a permanent log of compliance dates.


  • On-line and fully automated.
  • Automatic reminder emails.
  • Track the status of compliance activities.

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