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Incident & Issue Management

Incidents such as major insurance claims, near misses, injuries and customer complaints are lead indicators to potentially larger risks. allows organisations to record all issues, complaints, near misses and actual incidents in one system e.g. insurance claims, WHS issues, injuries, property damage, customer complaints and regulatory breaches. The Incident Management module features root cause analysis and helps track all treatment actions to completion.


  • Record actual incidents and issues that arise.
  • Conduct root cause analysis and develop treatment strategies for each cause.
  • Allocate an incident to project, process, department, activity, risk and/or control.
  • Record investigation details, findings and resolution details.
  • Attach relevant documents, reports, notes and pictures of the incident.


  • Tracking incident frequency and severity helps alert management to potential future risk events.
  • Customise drop down menus so that data entry is consistent.
  • Produce statistics and status reports at the click of a button.
  • Print or export incident reports.
  • Track outstanding treatments and corrective actions through to completion with a full audit trail.

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