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Risk Management supports compliance with ISO 31000.  Proactively manage your risks anytime, anywhere! has comprehensive enterprise risk management capabilities that enable you and your risk owners across your organisation to consistently identify, evaluate, assess, monitor and manage risks and controls for each business unit, department, business process, project, event and/or activity. 


  • Configure to align with your risk management structure, risk terminology, risk management strategy and policy.
  • Manage a wide range of risks in one system – strategic, operational, process, regulatory, financial, insurable, WHS, technological, project, event, security, environmental and reputation risks.
  • Record, analyse and evaluate risks – potential causes, impacts, value at risk. 
  • Record, analyse and evaluate the effectiveness of internal controls.
  • Measure both inherent and residual risk values.
  • Develop and track risk treatment plans.
  • Conduct periodic risk review and attestations. 
  • Set-up reminders to proactively review risk profiles in line with your review and attestation cycle.
  • View dashboards and multi-dimensional risk heat maps.  
  • Monitor risks through the Risk Profiler.
  • Run real-time reports or write your own reports.


  • Brings risk management to life by reducing the gap between the ‘theory’ and ‘practice’ through user friendly design, functionality and workflow alert features.
  • Harness the expertise from people across the organisation and bring together all the risk, control and incident data into one place.
  • Get a true enterprise-wide picture of risks to improve controls and build a more resilient organisation.
  • Achieve consistent delivery of risk management processes…critical for boards, audit committees and larger or global organisations.
  • Ensures best practice risk management standards such as ISO 31000 and COSO are embedded in your organisation.

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