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Release Notes

Release Notes v10.4.0.0

Release Date: 12 July 2020 (v10.4.0.0) Release Notes

  • Simplified document upload and attach
  • Intranet Incident Registry (new fast entry of incidents without a Guardian login)
  • User registers can now have documents attached at the record level (not the Register level)
  • Adjusting residual risks no longer requires a reason to be entered if the risk is acceptable
  • Compliance screen loads future years correctly when adding new items (plus a few improvements)
  • Help screens updated
  • Various other small improvements
  • Various bug fixes

v10.3.4.0 (17/11/19)

  • Simplified login
  • Various small improvements

v10.3.3.1 (29/09/19)

  • Remember user selection for Show Active Users in User Management
  • Show UserName instead of UserID in Admin user lists.
  • Remember sort orders for various grids on many screens
  • Move Date Closed on Incident Duration report
  • Add help button to page header
  • Add help search
  • Updated help screens
  • Various bug fixes

v10.3.2.2 (31/10/19)

  • Increased the file upload limit from 4Mb to 20Mb
  • Fixed a bug related to file uploading
  • Fixed inappropriate screen scrolling in certain places

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