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Release Notes

Release Notes v9

Release Date: 8 March 2014 2014 (v9) Release Notes

  • The system has largely been rewritten to feature new screen design and to cater for the significant changes in Internet Explorer v10 and v11.
  • User Internet Explorer v10 or above to fully realise the benefits.
  • A user configurable Key Risk Indicator screen can be set as the default start screen.  Every user can have his or her own customised KRI screen.
  • Minor fixes and enhancements throughout the system, most of them to enhance system controls, reduce errors and improve performance.

Risk Management

  • With all the enhancements and addition of data fields requested by users over the years, the “one-screen-shows-all” concept for the risk evaluation screen has been stretched to beyond its limits and now the screen is split into two.  A summary screen to show the overall risk structure and risk evaluation results and the second screen to show the details of a selected risk, control or audit procedure.
  • A Risk Context and a Risk Appetite Statement field are added to the risk evaluation screen.  Risk appetite statements can be linked to risk categories to automate the use of risk appetite statements.


  • After an audit is completed, there is an option to send an email to users with audit finalisation authority to request the audit to be reviewed and finalised.
  • Control Checklists can be modified to include recently added control checklist procedures.


  • A Compliance Survey function is added.  Compliance surveys consisting of compliance related questions can be set up for selected users to answer.  This is useful to provide management with after-the-event assurance that important compliance issues are properly managed.
  • An Importance field is added to Compliance Management to indicate the importance or significance of the compliance item to the organisation.
  • A new data field Targeted Completion Days is added to record the number of days before the deadline date of a compliance item.
  • On the Compliance Timetable, a note can be added to an item without completing the item, typically used to record an extension of the deadline or show the reason why an item cannot be completed on time.

Incident Management

  • When registering a new incident, you have the option of attaching the incident to an organisation unit other than the default incident organisation unit for the user.  This is useful for directing the incident notification email to the appropriate organisation unit owner.
  • If an incident is attached to a risk and there is a response plan recorded for the risk, the response plan can be viewed on the Incident Detail screen by clicking the new Response Plan button.

Issues Log 

  • The access security to issues is enhanced requiring a user to have Organisation Write or Incident Management authority to view and edit issues.

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